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Founded in 2014 Magnet is a full-service digital marketing agency with affiliate offices in Canada, Turkey and UAE providing our clients with an array of marketing solutions to navigate business challenges in today’s connected world. Our story began when we set out to accompany businesses on their growth journey and provide solutions for any challenges they faced. We firmly believe that we will walk the path to success together and make it happen. Empowering businesses to magnetize the progress is one of our most important missions. We have brought you creativity and solutions as souvenirs. Join us to grow!

  • 9Years of Excellence
  • 4Branches worldwide
  • +1000Clients & Brands
  • +2000Campaigns

Our Services

Magnet Future

An International digital marketing solutions provider which guarantees success and growth of businesses. We are not just leaders in today's digital marketing; we are architects of the future.

Success Stories

Mogu Mogu

An environmentally friendly company in Thailand supporting healthy lifestyles with innovative, high-quality beverages formulated in a state-of-the-art factory

  • Diagnosing fake products from original ones in the Middle Eastern market (Iran, UAE, and Iraq).
Our Solution
  • Mapping out suitable platforms to reach and engage with the right audience, at the right time
  • Influencer Marketing in Dubai, Iraq and Iran
  • Tiktok Ads & Instgram Ads
  • +4M impression and 3.5M reach in a month 20% increased Engagement rate
Snapp Express

The leading e-commerce in Iran's grocery market.

  • gaining more real followers on Instagram
Our Solution
  • Creating a strategic approach using social media content and marketing to communicate Snap Express
  • Collaboration with top trainers and education influencers
  • +100K Follower growth in a month 25% increased Engagement rate

A pioneer leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider in the middle east

  • Gaining more transactions and users up to 1 million
Our Solution
  • Building marketing plan which reflects their overall objective to provide quality exchange services
  • Audience analysis based on each persona
  • Mapping out suitable platforms to reach and engage with the right audience, at the right time
  • Content creation and media relations
  • +3m new users +40% increased transactions +250m impressions

an Iranian telecommunications company that operates Iran's largest 2G-3G-4G-4.5G-5G mobile network, and fixed wireless TD-LTE internet services.

  • Outgrow Irancell’s social networking media traffic & engagement
Our Solution
  • We created a strategic approach using social media content, marketing & ads
  • We then built lookalike audiences and optimized reach
  • +300K Social Media Subscribers & Followers +30% growth in Engagement rate +100m views with content reaching top 10 trending in Iran

A smart and active platform in the field of social commerce and logistics that facilitates the sales and shipping process for Instagram stores

  • Brand introduction and Increase social & digital engagement
Our Solution
  • We ran various campaigns and cooking contests
  • We then collaborated with top food Instagram influencers
  • We had Gifting module with key food & lifestyle influencers
  • +25% increased ER +150K success stories

A digital branch that provides all banking services in the form of a super financial application along with other financial and fintech services.

  • Representing the optimized role of Sibank to the audience through excelling in doing all the banking work
Our Solution
  • Content creation and media relations

Magnet Blog

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